A Melbourne schoolgirl is getting attention all around the world for her campaign for us to ditch and ban plastic soy fish dispensers.

In less than 4 days, 11-year-old Scarlett Rosshandler’s change.org petition has received close to 6,000 signatures.

The young change campaigner, who starts in grade 6 soon, is calling on students to embrace her change when they buy sushi.

She says there are better options such as saying no at the counter and using the supplied bulk soy bottles.

Scarlett says “Soy Sauce fishes only contain 4ml so, if you got a 1-litre bottle of soy sauce you could save 250 plastic sushi fish from going into our environment.’’

“I want other kids and other schools to join this campaign because I believe small kids, can make a big difference,” she said.


Scarlett’s petition is directed to Trevor Evans, the Minister for Waste Reduction and the Environment.

If you would like to sign Scarlett’s petition, head here.