A hospital security guard has been adequately spooked after he captured a wheelchair which seemingly – but eerily – moving on its own.

The strange scene reportedly happened at the entrance to the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in India.

In the footage, the wheelchair, which was parked but edged backwards, can be seen suddenly rolling across the floor and exit the building by itself, avoiding obstacles along the way.

Security guard Manoj Kumar was seen in the footage on September 19.

“I came out to drink water and I saw the wheelchair moving on its own. It was just wind nothing else. I was also feeling very cold,” he said.

A handful of staff members reportedly became hesitant to work nights due to the possibility of a ghost.

One doctor at the hospital, however, said the wheelchair had been parked in a partially uncovered area and was pushed by the wind.


“It rolled on the smooth floor and went out. It was just wind and not any ghost,” the killjoy doctor said.