It seems like one of those meals you make while drunk at 2AM – grab a loaf of garlic bread, whack it on a pizza base with some cheese and stick it in the oven, but the madmen at Domino’s have turned your drunken snack into a real, legitimate, limited time meal.

Not willing to settle for second best and just put the ingredients of garlic bread atop a pizza base, Domino’s has gone the full hog and put entire slices of actual garlic bread on a pizza. The insane new combination comes from Garlic Bread Taste Tester Zach Gracie, who joined Domino’s ranks last year after a national campaign to find a genius for the dream gig.

“I spent hours experimenting in the Domino’s development kitchen, dreaming up all sorts of pizza and garlic bread innovations,” Gracie said in a statement, “I remember thinking ‘I know it sounds crazy… but what if I combine garlic bread and pizza?’ So I did, and it was beautiful.”

The limited-edition pizza is only available for a week – from January 6th to January 12th, which honestly is just not long enough. You can score yourself one of these miraculous meals via the secret menu that you can find here.