Just when you thought baby showers were the only acceptable party to have for your unborn child, along comes yet another one.

The idea has been floating around in the US for a while now, but it seems that ‘gender reveal’ parties have firmly planted their feet in Australia.

Yep, they’re a thing.

So you’re fully prepared, here’s how they work…

The expectant parents arrange with their ultrasound technician to not tell them the gender of their baby, instead to seal the results in an envelope. This is then delivered to the bakery which makes a cake with either blue or pink filling, or to whoever is filling the big box with balloons.

Everyone is invited over to witness cutting the cake or opening of the box of balloons or the smashing of the piñata and find out if they’re expecting a boy or girl.

The typical time to have one of these parties is around the halfway mark of a pregnancy. Which means there are still months to go before the actual gender reveals itself in real life.


But one thing is clear with these parties, what if – other than having a healthy child (because that’s obvious) – you really had your heart set on a particular sex?

Take this Perth family.

The big reveal seems typical enough.

But it’s the dad’s reaction that has us not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

One way or another, we have all been this guy. At least he has a few months to catch up to his wife’s excitement.

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