It can be hard juggling family holidays, and this father found himself making the ultimate decision when a crisis came up before an international holiday.

In an anonymous confessional on Reddit, the man tells that he, his wife and his three kids were preparing for a long-overdue family holiday. One of which is his daughter, a 14-year-old girl whom he shares with his ex-partner.

Everything was fine until the family handed their passports over at the gate, only to discover that his daughter’s passport was about to expire in two months and she was unable to board.

In advance, the father alleged he had been told by the girl’s mother that her passport had at least a year remaining and had even provided a date to use for the booking.

After weighing up the factors of the decision, including the money involved and his wife’s concerns with handling their children on the trip, the father chose to leave his daughter at the airport.

According to the man’s story, his daughter went back to her mother’s home in tears and has been bullied at school over the situation. The relationship between them has become very strained.

The post received thousands of comments with many people giving the man some hard truths about his choices.


“She’s 14. All she knows is that Dad and his new family left her at the airport,” one user said.

“Losing thousands of dollars and missing a big holiday would totally be worth it to me to have ALL my kids with me, and not leaving one behind.”

Read the full story here.

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