Christian woke to perhaps one of the strangest emails that was sent to him during the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The email titled “Greatest race (10,000 nuggets vs walking to Canberra)” was obviously going to grab his attention.

The email continues as fan of the show, Lachlan, explains the argument he and his mate Jake have been having. Lachlan writes, “Me walking to Canberra or my friend Jake to eat 10,000 nuggets from KFC”.

This is a true challenge unlike any other. But perhaps a bigger question was why did Lachlan send this email at 3:03 AM on a Sunday morning?! I mean, we can probably all assume what lead to this debate.

Hear how the conversation continued with Christian and Lachlan below:


What do you think? Could someone eat 10,000 nuggets from KFC quicker than someone can walk from Melbourne to Canberra?

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