A customer at a Coles store has called the cops on a teenage employee who was simply doing her job, leaving the young girl shaken.

The mother of the employee, Kate Munn told news.com.au the “aggressive” shopper had abused her daughter Hayley Evans while she was working in Manly, Sydney.

The reason behind it: she wasn’t wearing gloves.

“She was working on the checkout on Saturday and was questioned by an irate and aggressive customer who demanded to know why she wasn’t wearing any gloves.

“She was a bit shook up by it, but she explained gloves were optional and she had been using hand sanitiser.

“One of the other staff members heard the customer calling the police. It was crazy.”

Ms Munn said Coles had been very supportive when it came to the incident.


A Coles spokesperson said, “the safety of our customers and team members is our most important focus and we continue to work closely with the Australian Government to review our health and safety arrangements for store team members in line with their recommendations.”

Under the Federal Government’s COVID-19 Hygiene Practices For Supermarkets, the use of gloves is not a requirement.




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