The City of Melbourne’s new dining scheme has launched in a bid to boost the hospitality industry after four lockdowns. 

‘Melbourne Money’ will allow diners who spend more than $50 at restaurants in the CBD to get rebates of 20 per cent on their food and drinks.

Diners will be able to blame up to $100 off their bills in total.

The scheme also extends into areas such as Southbank, Lygon Street, North Melbourne and Kensington.

A whopping $8.4million has been set aside for the initiative and ‘Melbourne Money’ will run until all the funds have been exhausted. It means locals will have to be fast if they want to cash in as the offer is on a “first-in-first-served” basis.

“Drawing people back into the city is critical to get our economy humming again, and this initiative is a great boost for hospitality businesses,” Lord Mayor Sally Capp said in a statement.

“We know that for every dollar spent on hospitality, there is a commensurate boost to retail and entertainment.


“The number of people in the CBD plummeted to 20 per cent of pre-COVID levels in this latest lockdown, and now that restrictions have started to ease, we want to help local businesses bounce back safely and quickly.”

Want to submit a claim for Melbourne Money? Grab your receipt and go here.

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