Remember when Boost Juice launched and how very important it was to get your free juice when it’s your name day?

You would find out which name they were giving free Boost Juice to for that one day, and if it was your name featured you would lose your mind!

Especially when you have a slightly unusual name and then, BAM, out of nowhere free Boost Juice for Breanna and Bort!

Well, good news, Boost are bringing back the What’s Your Name Game to celebrate their 21st birthday.

The game is coming back for a couple of short weeks this May, and will award anyone whose name is drawn with a free Boost Juice. Just like old times!

All you need to do to claim it is have a name and download the Boost Juice app. Each day’s winning name will be announced at 6am across Boost socials.

Boost Juice’s What’s Your Name Game will be running from Monday 17th May through until Friday 28th May.