We know that meeting people can be hard, especially when you’re not heading out every weekend any more.

Where exactly are you supposed to meet people as a single man?

One bloke thinks that he might have the answer, although we’re really not too sure about just how successful he’s going to be.

The Aussie man has taken to TikTok, checking in from Coles and Woolies stores on his quest to find love.

We don’t really know how the man got the idea to search for love in the supermarket, although it is a remarkably similar idea to that of one Aussie woman’s quests for love at Bunnings.

The man shared videos from both the cleaning aisle and the chocolate aisles at the supermarket, although it seems like he has been unsuccessful so far.

Although we’re thinking that could have something to do with the fact that this guy seems like he’s okay with making broad generalisations about where he’s likely to find females…just saying.


trying to find a wife in the cleaning aisle of Coles #coles #shopping #wife #fyp #xyzbca #trending

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Users took to the TikTok comments to leave all manner of suggestions for the man, although one prevailing thought was that he would probably be more lucky at a Kmart.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if that’s true. In the meantime, please direct all submissions to become this single guy’s wife to the @worldsworsttiktok TikTok account.

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