A bride-to-be has been slammed over her plan to tie puppies to each table at her wedding reception.

The woman took to Facebook to share that her and her fiancé had come up with the idea after discussing their desire to have puppies at the wedding.

“We love puppies and thought it would be cute to tie a puppy to each table for people to love on at our reception,’’ she said.

“Where the heck would I get a bunch of puppies from?

“According to our venue, they would have to be tied with [60cm] leads so I guess I need small puppies? Has anyone ever used puppies as decor before?”

The post quickly drew critics with one person saying  r: “I’ve seen people walk rescue dogs down the aisle instead of holding a bouquet then the dogs get adopted by any guests who want them. But to go as far as to tie them to a table as decoration? No.”


Another said  “She’s too stupid to adult. I sincerely hope no shelter or breeder ever allows her to add a dog to her household.”

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