We all know the feeling, when we accidentally cut a piece of wrapping paper too small and just can’t manage to wrap it around our newly bought gift.

Well, one woman has found a way to wrap the gift WITHOUT wasting the wrongly measured paper.

She shared the tutorial on social video platform TikTok.

The first thing she did, was show us all what we usually do when we cut the wrapping paper too small – she demonstrated how she was unable to stretch the paper to fully wrap the box.

Then, almost like Christmas magic, she made it work!


She slightly moved the box into the middle of the paper so the edges didn’t line, almost like a diamond against a square, and started folding the corners of the wrapping paper inwards so the points ended up on the centre of the box.

She then folded all the other edges into the middle, taping as she went.

The 20-second video has been viewed almost 2 million times, and EVERYONE has been amazed at the life changing hack.

It’s truly a Christmas miracle!