While there have been plenty of stories about mums choosing to extend their breastfeeding, it’s not often you hear of a story like Sophie Rose’s.

The 40-year-old says not only is she still breastfeeding her four-year-old, she plans to do so till he is eight.

“People are taught to sleep train babies and infants to get them to sleep through the night as soon as possible and to get them off the breast as soon as possible,” she explains of the decision.

“I think a lot of the joy and wonder of motherhood can be missed when we try to force it to fit into a certain schedule or a certain timeline.

“Maybe that’s why I was a prime candidate for extended or natural term breastfeeding.”

Describing herself as an attachment parent, Sophie has a very open relationship with her son Shaye.


Living in Thailand’s Chiang Mai with her new partner Danny, the British mum says she has even breastfed while having sex when Shaye was younger.

“We are very natural about sex. I don’t believe it needs to be hidden from children,” she explained of the decision.

Now that Shaye is older and she isn’t with his dad, she said she stops when he enters the room.

However, she “won’t pretend it doesn’t exist”.

WATCH: Sophie Explains Her Breastfeeding Plans


Via YouTube

The British mum is so passionate about her style of parenting, she has even set up a YouTube channel to encourage others.

“There’s still a lot of controversy and shock around breastfeeding an older child,” she said in a video.

“I just want to expose it and expose it and expose it till it becomes normal.


“It’s a very beautiful and intimate thing, it’s also a very ordinary thing when you’re a breastfeeding mum.”

It’s a decision not everyone is comfortable with – and they’re not afraid to tell her exactly what they think.

Whether they’re outraged, turned on, curious or supportive, Sophie says she gets it all.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t deter her from posting videos of Shaye feeding. And for her 15,000 subscribers it doesn’t matter.


So when will Sophie end her feeding journey with Shaye?

She says that’s one question he’ll have to answer.

“I don’t see any genuine reason to stop feeding him until he chooses and shows me he is ready,” she said.

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