A mother has received a big shock after the took a pregnancy test with her daughter…

Only to find, she is the one who was pregnant!

TikTok user Rylee, from the USA, shared the video explaining that her mum made her take a test after she experienced mood swings and out of a show of support, her mum did too.

In the clip, that now has 11 million views, the 24-year-old and her mum can be seen clutching a bottle of wine while they await the results.

“They’re going to be negative,” Rylee says.

“Will it just say ‘not pregnant’ and ‘pregnant’,” she can be heard asking, to which her mum responds, “Yeah.”


That one time I took a pregnancy test with my mom and ended up with a new sibling Lolol

♬ original sound – rylee


They then reach for the results and her mum can be heard saying ‘I am going to freaking cry’.

Then we see the result, that her mum is pregnant before she bursts into tears.

Rylee explained in another video that after a second test, her mothers result still came up as ‘pregnant’.

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