If you have been dragged through the girls’ section of a toy store, there is a strong chance you walked away with a Polly Pocket. Your kids will have many fond memories of opening up the case and discovering what was inside, including little dolls and accessories to play with.

They could never have too many to add to their collection either – there were so many shapes and sizes!


It has become trendy to have a retro toy and if you are looking for some extra cash, you might want to raid the garage… their old Polly Pockets could be worth thousands!

For example, a 1992 Partytime Stamper (pictured right) could score you a whopping $5,000. If your kids used to pretend to shop for groceries with the 1995 Light-Up Supermarket, you’d be looking at least $1,300.


Oh, and if you were blessed enough to have the 1989 Disco Cassette Play-Set (pictured left), you could make a crazy $3,000!

You need to note that many collectors are looking for toys in mint condition and in the original packaging, but worth a shot, right?

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