An Aussie Mum has been warned after sharing an image of a plant that has been growing in her garden.

To most of us, the green plant growing in the garden would be classified as a choko, a vegetable found in many homes across Australia.

But while chokos are found in many gardens, the vegetable in this garden was actually a moth vine, which is poisonous to both humans and pets.

It can cause breathing difficulties and can also smother and kill other plants in your garden.

After mum Maryam posted photos of the plant, many were quick to tell her ‘please don’t eat it’.

Another said ‘ it’s poisonous. Wash your hands!”

Another gave a full explanation, saying “Moth vine – highly poisonous to humans and animals and classified as a nuisance weed that needs to be removed. They’re growing everywhere obviously because I saw one yesterday in one of our trees.”

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