Staying in is the new going out, Zoom calls are the new catch-up drinks and, at least at my place, pants are optional.

This is our life now.

Aldi have put together a Special Buys to update your work-from-home wardrobe.

These dressing gowns are a perfect addition to your corporate conservative dress code, they also double a little knee rug when on your high-powered video conference call. As soon as it’s over… it’s Netflix-chic again.

Women’s dressing gown ($19.99)

If you’ve got a busy day putting the bin out as well as hosting that big-deal webinar, look no further than these fashion power moves. Your neighbours and your rival colleagues will whisper ‘how does she do it?’ under their breath as they shift uncomfortably in an old polo shirt they found in the car boot from that corporate softball day seven years ago which no amount of Vanish will bring it back to its former glory.

Women’s velour trackie ($24.99)


Women’s loungewear set ($16.99)

My personal pick? These slippers that totally masquerade as actual shoes. Wear them at your standing desk, your sitting desk, at the letterbox or while staring at the contents of your fridge. You may not, in fact, have your collective s**t together, but you’ll look it.

Women’s casual shoes ($14.99).

Speaking of shoes, if a soft slipper just leave you feeling outrageously overdressed, Aldi still have you covered with these stylish home office shoes. For those who didn’t get the memo – socks are now considered shoes. And not just hangover shoes, we’re talking legit shoes. Not even sorry.

Women’s bootie socks ($6.99)

You can pick up your new work outfit from Aldi on April 29 or May 2 . The full catalogue of Special Buys is over here.

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