When someone asks to “pick your brain,” you expect them to ask a question…

These days though, you should expect blurry vision, a sneeze and swab up the snozz!

But there’s good news! (Possibly?) You’ll be doing it yourself soon!

At-home COVID tests are set to be available by November. They’re the same ones being used in the US and all across Europe!

Once the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approve these little snozz scrappers (not a great way to put it but…) you’ll be able to test for COVID in the comfort of your own home!

These tests work by looking for proteins called antigens on the surface of the virus and results become available in about 15 minutes!

That being said, they’re not as good as the PCR tests that we line up for…

So if someone has a positive test at home, they should immediately go for a PCR test!

It seems the path to freedom is ever closer… Great job to us!

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