Remember that time Australians went into a frenzy and decided to strip supermarket shelves of everything they could possibly get their hands on? Yep. That was a HOOT! 

It was without a doubt going to impact many of our favourite products, and according to some eagle-eyed ALDI shoppers, it has affected their favourite brand of toilet paper.

A shopper raised the alarm on the ALDI Mum’s Facebook group this week after she noticed that the ALDI Confidence brand no longer had the pattern it sported several months ago. She also said it used to be very similar to Quilton paper and now felt quite different.

“Has anyone noticed the difference in the Confidence toiler paper? If you asked me a month ago about the Aldi toot paper I would have said it’s Quilton with a cloud patter instead of the rose flower,” the woman said.

Posting a picture comparing a Quilton roll, an old ALDI Confidence roll with a newly purchased roll, she claimed that even the cardboard roll was different.

“Please tell me others have noticed, I will go back to Quilton for sure if this is a permanent change.”


Many shoppers agreed with the woman, suggesting that the new rolls could be from a new supplier due to shortages.

“I’ve noticed the chance but put it down to COVID and panic buyers. We also still can’t get our usual pack size we need either,” one user wrote.

An ALDI spokesperson said in a statement to that the claims are false.

“Aldi has not made any changes to the specifications of our existing Confidence brand toilet paper in recent months.”

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