When Woolworths announced a new line of Disney Ooshies, supermarket shoppers were eager to collect them all. Even though Victoria would have to miss out indefinitely, it wouldn’t have stopped the most hardcore collectors from searching out the little characters for themselves.

As always, the supermarket chain always chucks in rare Ooshies in their line and this time was no exception. In addition to the 36 characters, there were four rare glitter ones scattered across the nation – Elsa, Woody, the Mandalorian and Captain Marvel. At least one of them has been found and that lucky shopper and put a hefty price tag on it.

A glitter Elsa has been spotted on marketplace website eBay for a whopping $15,000. At the time of publishing, it was yet to receive a bid.

The listing isn’t alone either, with many other sellers looking to sell their Elsas for thousands of dollars.


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