Pizza restaurant staff have come to the rescue of a school-age couple who had been on a dinner date together.

Edinburgh, UK resident Zoe Hayes took to social media over the weekend to share the story of how pizza chain Pizza Express had helped her 12-year-old son out.

Her son and his girlfriend had arrived at the restaurant after a day out together before realising that they had lost the money they had saved for dinner.

The son got in touch with his mum, who asked to speak to the manager to pay for the meal with her credit card over the phone.

However, Zoe shared on social media that ‘It was passed to the manager who said we’ll see what it comes to, and if it’s not much over how much they have, then we can waive the extra.

“I thought that was very kind, but was anticipating a call later on to pay the difference.

“The manager then called back a few minutes later to say not to worry, they would cover it, so I figured he’d seen what they’d already ordered and decided it wouldn’t be too much.”He then told them to order what they wanted and they’d deal with the bill at the end. No longer worrying, they enjoyed a great meal.”


She added: “So I was surprised when my son arrived home to find that the manager had waived the whole bill and told him to put away the money they did have. The bill was around £35 ($63AUD).

After the post, social media users quickly praised the restaurant, with one saying “Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. Generosity and kindness is a gorgeous gift and one which your lovely son and girlfriend will remember always.”

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