If you are a coffee fanatic (let’s be real, who isn’t?) there is only one cocktail you are going to look out for when you need a bit of a caffeine hit – an Espresso Martini.

Whether it’s a night out with friends or even just a cheeky treat-yourself moment with a colleague, these always hit the spot.

Have I got you in the mood for one now? Listen up.

The Ascot Lot in Ascot Vale is bringing back their Espresso Yourself Festival – an event dedicated to espresso martinis!

You’ll be able to hit the bar and not only order the traditional cocktail, but try not one, not two but FOUR brand new takes on this popular drink. With cocktail names such as Cherry Bite, Mint Like You, Bounty Hunter and Jaffa Smasher, you’re in for a real treat.

The martinis will all be $12 a pop, however if you want to try them all, you can buy an “Espresso Yourself Pass” for $49 and get all five in one sitting!

There will be a DJ from 5PM, food trucks on site and.. oh, and maybe this is the best part – The Ascot Lot is dog friendly! All of the pups will be there!


The Espresso Yourself Festival kicks off at 12PM on Saturday March 27. Head here for more details!

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