Doors. They’re everywhere. Roller doors, sliding doors, car doors, screen doors. You get the idea. Doors are everywhere. Today Christian was looking for your door stories, after one of his mates jammed his fingers in a roller door.

Dennis called through to share his story about a car door. When Dennis was “young and impressionable” he thought he needed a sports car to impress the ladies, so he got one.

Dennis was proud of his latest purchase and decided to take the car around to show his dad, who at the time was a mechanic.

As you could imagine, Dennis’s dad wasn’t overly impressed with his impulse buy, but still reluctantly hoped in the passenger seat for a quick drive.

They were on the way home when Dennis explains, “Dad had a habit of leaning his arm on the car door”, as most dads do, right? But it was as they went around the roundabout and the passenger door opened… And Dennis’s dad fell out the car door!

Take a listen to Dennis’ story below:


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