We’ve all had moments when we’ve turned our backs for literally a second and our kids have got up to no good… Or maybe you are the mischievous child!

It all kicked off when we heard from Kylie who turned her back for a mere moment and one of her kids ended up in the water… With crocodiles!

Christian needed to hear more of your incredible stories of what happened when you turned your back… And then we heard from Kim.

Picture this. It’s the school holidays and a 10-year-old Kim is at her mums work for the day… which is a bank. Kim’s in one of the offices quietly colouring in with one clear instruction, “don’t touch anything”.

Let’s just say, Kim noticed a button underneath the desk and had no idea it would result in the cops showing up and blocking the whole street off!

Take a listen to Kim’s amazing story below:



What happened when you turned your back for a mere moment? Let us know!

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