With price tags well over $2 million, buying a piece of The Block is well out of reach for the average Aussie.

However, it seems spending a night on The Block may be far more achievable!

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Frank Valentic, the buyers’ advocate who successfully took out the auction for Julia and Sasha’s property, has revealed he was in fact bidding for one of the owners of another Block apartment.

Photo: Julia and Sasha’s apartment

Talking to Domain, Valentic said his client was part of the syndicate who bought Whitney and Andrew’s Blocktagon apartment.

What’s interesting about that news, is the fact that the very same apartment is currently available to rent on Airbnb.


And according to Valentic, they’re considering putting Julia and Sasha’s apartment up on the site also!

Photo: Whitney and Andrew’s apartment

With Whitney and Andrew’s reno fetching $496 a night, it’s definitely a far more affordable option to buying.

However, be prepared to wait. The Blocktagon apartment is currently booked out till mid-February.

At least it gives us time to save those pennies…


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