It’s time to drain all of the gold from our account at Gringotts Wizarding Bank because you can now pay to stay in Harry Potter’s actual childhood home!

Yep, Airbnb have popped the home up for rent and we’re grabbing our floor powder NOW to head there as quick as possible!

Before you reserve your bed under the stairs though, we should explain that this isn’t the Dursley’s house. And thank goodness really because no one wants to go and stay with Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia.

This is actually the home owned by James and Lily Potter in Godric’s Hollow where Harry would have been brought up as a newborn baby.

And of course the home where they were brought to their untimely death by Lord Voldemort… Now that we think about it that makes the house pretty dark but still, full of Wizarding history!

In real life the hose is known as De Vere House and it used to be a five-star bed and breakfast.

Now it’s on Airbnb for $205.75 a night in Lavenham, a medieval village over in London offering up it’s own history as well as that of the Potters.


The ad also says that you can get 5% off if you stay there for a week and 10% off for a month! So basically we’ll be booking it out for the next short while!

Of course, that means we’ll also need to book a trip to London. But as we mentioned earlier, Floo Powder or even a broomstick will do the trick!

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