We knew this would begin to happen, no one can live forever. 

Since 2017, Yoko Ono has been using wheelchairs and these days she rarely leaves her apartment. 

Her illness has not been made public knowledge, however Yoko referred to it in her speech at the National Music Publishers’ Association where she won their Centennial Award.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…I’ve learned so much from having this illness. I’m thankful I went through that”, Ono said in her speech.

Good friend Elliot Mintz interviewed with The New York Post stating that Yoko’s mind still has clarity and she sees her family regularly. 

“Sean [Ono’s son with John Lennon] is her best friend….She’s definitely slowed down, like anyone at that age, but she is as sharp as she once was”, Mintz said.

Elliot wouldn’t comment on Ono’s medical history, but went on to say “She is a particularly special being….In 87 years, she’s lived 400”.


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