It’s supposed to the dating show that promises singles to find their happily ever after.

But, week after week, Married at First Sight contestants are blasting the show for being more about conflict than aiding love.

Season one contestant Roni Azzopardi has told she thought it was obvious her unsuccessful match with Michael O’Dea wasn’t going to work from the start.

Roni said that if she had met Michael in normal circumstances that alarm bells would have sounded.

‘I felt Michael was different off-camera. he was showier and out there when they were on, and off-camera he was awkward. It was just constantly awkward,’ Roni said.

‘He was single for nine years. If I met someone like that at a bar, alarm bells would go off straightaway.’ 

The couple had been matched by the experts because they were both social. However, the reality was different, she said.


‘The fact that we’re social is not going to give us a lifelong happy marriage — that’s not what I want in a life partner. It was a letdown, definitely,’ Roni said. 

Tensions between the couple were obvious from the start, with Roni now admitting she took out her frustration on Zoe Hendrix during a dinner party.

At the party with the other couples, Roni seemed annoyed that mplied if you weren’t nervous for the wedding then they weren’t 100 per cent committed.

But at the time, Roni, who was once married, insisted she was ‘invested.’

Roni left Michael at the end of the series after he had admitted he was ‘not in love’.

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