Here’s a story to file under “Nope”: After his daughter repeatedly told him “something [was] bothering her”, a concerned father installed CCTV cameras in his house – only to witness a “possessed” doll moving of its own accord.

In the clip, the little girl is playing with some of her other toys when the pigtailed doll, sitting off to one side, can be seen tilting its head in two different directions. 

Even more disturbingly, in a second clip, the child can be seen colouring in a different room before a freak gust of wind sends her papers fluttering; after she runs from the room, heavier objects begin moving, culminating in the table itself shifting and twisting from the force. 

The video, which has been watched nearly six million times, was posted to Facebook by La Otra Dimensión and has divided opinion, with commenters arguing about whether the incidents have been staged.

You can see the entire clip below; what do you think?

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