A chinese mother has died after falling down a lift shaft while searching for lost car keys. 

It has been reported that her three year old son pushed Zie Hong Feng to her death. 

The manager of the flats where the Feng resides was assisting with the key search when all of a sudden she turned around and could see the 45 year old mother. 

When she asked the young boy where she went, he reportedly responded by saying “I pushed her down”. 

Feng’s husband spoke to local television about the tragic accident saying “The thing that makes me the saddest is that my wife has gone and my son will have to carry the blame for his whole life”. 

A police spokesman told The Mirror that there was no way of knowing what had really happened.

“Unfortunately there is no surveillance footage on that floor apart from inside the lifts so we have no way of really knowing what happened,” he said.


“But if the boy says he pushed her then we will have to accept that, although we won’t be pressing charges as this was certainly an accident.”

The Age

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