A woman has been found stuck up a 15-metre high pine tree in Langwarrin South this morning by nearby residents.

Her cries for help were heard by tradie Adam Stefaniw and his neighbour around 5.20am.

“I was a bit cautious because we had no idea what was going on,” Mr Stefaniw said to the Herald Sun.

“But when we got closer, we realised a young woman was stuck up the tree about 15 metres high.”

According to Mr Stefaniw, the woman was in her late teens to early 20s and was from Rosebud.

“She claimed she had been with some friends earlier in the night before getting into an argument with someone and that she was chased by some people,” he said.

“In a panic and desperate to seek some safety she found herself run up the tree.”


He said the woman also told them she was on the way to see her sister in Cranbourne but was still puzzled by her story.

“I’m not sure what was really going on but we could hear in her voice she was genuinely petrified.”

Police and CFA crews were called to the scene in Clemac Close at 5.30am and the woman was located and climbed down by 7.20am. She was taken to hospital for assessment under police guard.



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