If you’ve seen a movie poster for Mothers Day movie starring Julia Roberts you may have asked yourself, where do I recognise that bob of hair from? Well the question has been answered!

An insider from the movie has reported that the hairpiece is the same one that Julia wore in the Notting Hill’s space movie-within-a-movie Helix from 1999. 

It’s believed the wig has been kept stored away for 17 years but the reason for its return is not clear however it’s weird and hilarious at the same time!


Julia has commented on the attention her bob wig has received saying; “I’ve heard a lot about my look in the movie. There’s a lot of interpretation about my look,” she told People at the Los Angeles premiere. “I wish I could’ve put that much thought into it. It was kind of, like, quick putting it together.” 

She is not kidding when she says ‘quick’ if she is just grabbing wigs out of storage for the film!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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