Everyone, this is Rudy. Rudy, meet everyone.

Rudy is a GORGEOUS puppy that has had a pretty rough life so far. The baths he has (like the one he’s pictured in above) aren’t just for a long hot soak, they’re actually a medical necessity.

At least that’s what Courtney Bellew, director of the Northeast chapter of Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR) says.

“Rudy absolutely loves his tubby time and clearly the attention that comes along with it. He loves getting spoiled and pampered,” Bellew says.

But that wasn’t always Rudy’s life. When he arrived as the rehabilitation centre, he was dumped in a bucket – and in terrible shape. He was severely emaciated and unable to walk and he was covered with deep, gaping wounds – most likely caused by acid or cigarette burns.

It was enough to make any animal lover sob.


The worst part about Rudy’s case is he wasn’t in great shape emotionally, either.

“He ducked his head in fear whenever I would go to touch him, but was so grateful I was there and showing him a kind hand,” says Bellew. “I was truly shocked and heartbroken,” says Bellew.

The great news? Eventually, Rudy will be available for adoption. He’ll need surgery on his front leg first. Depending on how strong he gets, Rudy might then need a wheelchair. And he will certainly need lifelong treatment for some chronic conditions.

It’s thanks to facilities like SNARR that animals are able to be rescued and rehabilitated so effectively.

We love you RUDY!

Images via Justice for Andra Grace – Pitbull Dragged By Truck

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