Now we’ve had seven seasons of Married At First Sight, we’ve met many personalities along the way. Only a few of them walked away from the experiment with true happiness, and some are still out there looking for their one true love.

Now, it looks like all our past favourites could be getting another chance to walk down the aisle… we could be getting an All Stars season!

NW has reported that past participants will be coming back to the show and will be partnered up with celebrities.

“Producers are changing up the format. They’re going to bring back past participants and match them with celebrities,” an insider told the websites ‘show spy’.

“They’re tentatively calling it MAFS: ALL-Stars… sort of like what Survivor has done.”

NW also managed to publish a leaked Instagram DM that expert John Aiken had sent to a celeb named Reece (?) that almost confirms that it’s a thing!

According to the source, past participants like Mikey Pembroke, Tracey Jewel, Jo McPharlin and Nasser Sultan were approached.