WHAT ON EARTH is this update?!

If you’re like me and keep pressing ‘not now’ because you have no idea what it means, then I’m sure you are also wanting ANSWERS!

Unfortunately, these answers aren’t explained as simple as we want.

According to the Apple Support site, Carrier Settings updates “are small files that can include updates from Apple and your carrier to carrier-related settings.” – Sorry? What the?

Basically this update handles anything related to how your device connects and communicates to your carrier’s network and any related services. 

For example, these updates could be used to add new features to your voicemail, messaging, personal hotspot or calling.

This update will also be used to fix bugs found like if the phone is using cellular data (4G/3G) while being connected to a Wi-Fi network.


The Carrier Settings Update is different from the usual iOS update which improves performance and adds new features to the operating system on your device (ie. New Apps and features like the latest ‘Night Shift’.)

To ensure your carrier settings are up to date go to Settings > General > About. If the update is available, a prompt will appear.

From time to time your carrier may release an update that is mandatory. This update will display only an ‘OK’ button instead of the ‘update’ button. This is basically to let you know the update was downloaded and installed.