Actress Christina Applegate says turning down the lead role in Legally Blonde was one of her “biggest regrets”.

The star was finishing up her stint as Kelly Bundy on US sitcom Married… with Children when she was offered the job as sorority girl Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

However, Applegate was tired of being typecast as “a dumb blonde”, so she rejected the role.

The role eventually went to Reese Witherspoon and turned her into a household name.

“I kept getting sent scripts for dumb blondes and here’s one of my biggest regrets: one of those was Legally Blonde. I just didn’t want to play a dumb blonde again. Well, that was stupid,” Applegate has told the New York Daily News.

Despite her “stupid” decision, Applegate insists she is comfortable with the direction her career has taken.

“(I’ve) never really been highly successful. If you never make the A-list and stay at a nice respectable B, you can sustain it longer.”


Applegate, who’s other film credits include the Anchorman movies and Hall Pass, will next appear in Vacation alongside Ed Helms.


Image: Getty Images