It’s something everyone wants to know, whether married or single..

How tall are my kids going to be.

Some tall people won’t date short people. Some small people won’t date tall people.

It’s a cycle that can be based upon how tall your kids will be.

Well, never panic, we have found a formula that could help you choose your partner, if height is an issue.

Here’s the formula to figure it out for a girl;

Take each parents height using centimetres and add them together
Divide that number by 2
Subtract 6.5 centimetres from the number
This number is the mid-parental height for girls. The number could be plus or minus 10cm, that is the range.

The formula for boys is a little different;

Take each parents height in centimetres and add them together.
Divide that number by 2.
Add 6.5 centimetres to the number.
This is the mid-parental height for boys. This number plus or minus 10cm is the range in which your son could fall.

In other words, say, I was 163cm and say I wanted to date Leonardo DiCaprio, who’s 183cm, then our daughter would 166.5cm and our son would be 179.5cm.

Plus or minus 10cm.