Victorians should hang on tight as the spring weather roller coaster takes a hot turn.

The temperature is expected to hit 23C on Friday in Melbourne after brisk and windy conditions capped Thursday’s heat at 15C.

“We do have a much warmer day moving through, so the temperature’s increasing by about five to seven degrees across Victoria for Friday,” weather bureau senior meteorologist Tom Delamotte said.

Temperatures are set to reach the high 20s in northwestern Victoria on Friday while the eastern and central parts will dip into the low 20s.

But the sunshine won’t last long with a return to 15C in Melbourne on Saturday, with a dusting of snow up to four centimetres expected in the alpine region.

There’s also scope for thunderstorms and showers across southern and mountain areas.

“The spring temperature roller coaster continues through the next seven days,” Mr Delamotte said.


The sun is set to come out mid-next week with above average spring heat expected.


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