By now we reckon that most people out there will have watched all, or at least most parts of the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry last weekend. But we GUARANTEE that you’ve never seen this version of the event!

While African-American preacher Michael Curry brought an essence of humour to the formal ceremony at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, this particular video of particular parts of the ceremony will literally have you in stitches.

All thanks goes out to the people behind the Bad Lip Reading videos who have created this absolutely hysterical account of the royal wedding by, you guessed it, doing a bad lip reading of people like Prince Harry, Prince William, Meghan Markle, and even the choir!

While we were all curious about what the royals might have been whispering to each other throughout the ceremony, these people have head a red hot crack at guessing and we have to say it actually looks incredibly realistic!

Although we highly doubt that Harry and Meghan were discussing the bad smells in the chapel! And of course we know that Bishop Curry went off on a few tangents but he definitely wasn’t ranting on about hotdogs!

So it might be incredibly far from the truth, but if you’re after a good ol’ chuckle watch the video above! We reckon you’ll spend the rest of your day watching other Bad Lip Reading videos afterwards.

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