Introducing the most insane life hack EVER! 

Growing up, you may recall being taught to tie your shoelaces with the ‘bunny ear’ method or the ‘bow knot’ way. 

Either way, velcro shoes were preferable because it took most kids hours to get shoelace tying down pat. 

However on Wednesday, an unnamed man from the City of Belgrade, Serbia, uploaded a brief video showing a pair of hands expertly twisting the laces on a pair of grey converse trainers into a neat bow in the blink of an eye!

The steps are as follows: 

  • Begin by tying the laces in a simple knot, before wrapping each lace around your forefinger and thumb on either side. 
  • Bring your fingers towards each other and which each hand, grab the loop of string on the opposite finger before pulling them apart into the perfect bow


A report in 2013 found that children were learning to tie their shoelaces later than ever.

In fact, few had mastered the art before the age of six. 


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