A woman has allegedly stolen ALL the Christmas decorations from the front yard of a home in Melbourne which had been adorned with yuletide ornaments.

The woman who owns the house, Nuria Celentano, says she did not expect to see a mature age lady stuffing her bag with the decorations when she later watched it on their CCTV recording.

“My first thought was that it was young kids, or thugs, we’ve had a lot of problems with Apex (a gang) in this area” Ms Celentano told a local radio station of the reason she got the CCTV cameras installed.

The Celetano family’s children had been allowed to decorate the yard as a reward for their hard work cleaning it up, she said.

“My son was the first one to notice that his Santa sign was gone and he was crying and freaking out,” Ms Celentano said.


Watch the footage above. 

Police are appealing for witnesses to the burglary.

Source: Staff Writers / AAP

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