Nine News reporter Mike Dalton got a lot more than he bargained for when he was sent out west to broadcast from Sydney’s Zambi Wildlife Retreat!

While it seemed like a harmless and heartwarming story about a wildlife sanctuary that is taking in ageing, exotic animals to look after them through their retirement, it turned into something a little more unexpected… And wet!

Dalton was kneeling down behind one of the lion enclosures to meet 15-year-old Korvu with Donna Wilson, Zambi’s owner, when suddenly Donna told him to move out of the way!

And not because he was in any sort of danger, but because she could tell that Korvu the lion was about to go to the toilet, with the line of spray pointing directly at the Nine News reporter!

Dalton jumped up and attempted to move away but he wasn’t quick enough and he copped a large spray straight to the face!


Watch the hilarious moment in the video above!

And if we can learn anything from this, it’s to never, NEVER, stand behind a lion…

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