We know Australia is becoming Americanised… But this is one step further. 

Uber and Uber Eats will now allow you to add a tip when paying for your rideshare or food delivery. 

“Now you can show your gratitude for those who go above and beyond by using the new in-app tipping feature,” the statement sent to current Uber customers read. 

“Tipping is optional, so you can use it for the times when you’ve experienced service that goes beyond the five-star rating.

“Uber does not charge any fees on tips – it all goes straight to your Uber driver-partner or Uber Eats delivery-partner – and you can add the tip up to 30 days after your trip or delivery.”

What do you think? 

Do you like the option of giving the driver a little extra love if they are good? Or do you think this will prompt drivers to give lower ratings to those who choose not to tip? 

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