Bono spoofed his bike accident on Friday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”  

Bono’s November 2014 crash was actually quite devastating. He suffered multiple fractures to his upper body, with the U2 front man admitting in January that he may never be able to play guitar again. He gave an update on his condition earlier this week, revealing he still hasn’t been able to pick up the instrument.

But that isn’t stopping Bono from getting back on the horse, er, bicycle. In his sketch with Fallon, the rocker attempts to show he can conquer bike-riding, only to be “hit” by a van. “That was a close one!” Bono exclaims… only to then be run over by the vehicle when it backs up. After recovering for the second time, he tells Fallon, “I’m good, Jimmy! I’m ready to do the show.” And then the van runs him over again. The punchline? The Edge and the rest of U2 were the ones behind the wheel, simply trying to find parking on New York City’s notoriously crowded streets.

While the skit was obviously intended to be amusing, Bono later said in his interview with Fallon that there was “nothing cool” about his real-life accident. It was also revealed on the show that U2’s surprise performance in a subway station a few days ago was actually a bit for Fallon’s show, with the band initially dressed in disguises before shocking commuters.

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