A Scottish public health advert is diving opinion around the world over its ‘graphic’ depiction of how quickly the virus can spread.

The advert shows a woman visiting her grandfather’s house making him a cup of tea while transferring the highly infection virus onto multiple surfaces.

The areas that get touched are shown with green slime on them, to show how quickly it can spread.

The advert is hoping to remind Scottish people to stick to social distancing guidelines and finishes by saying  “Don’t pass coronavirus to those you love.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Genuinely upset at that horrible coronavirus ad by the Scottish govt of that girl making her grandad a cuppa tea. Totally dehumanising and just plain upsetting. Disappointed.”

Another added: “This should have been banned.”

However, some have said  “WOW! This Scottish ad certainly makes an impact!”


Watch the advert above.

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