Masterchef Australia judge Jock Zonfrillo has sparked outrage after a comment he made about Asian food on Sunday night’s episode.

Last night, contestants Laura, Emalia and Khanh each had to create a fine dining dish that represented a country in 60 minutes.

While the others picked France, Khanh Ong went for Vietnam, which is a natural fit as he is from Vietnamese heritage.

However, Zonfrillo questioned the choice, saying that Asian food doesn’t lend itself to ‘fine dining’.

Masterchef winner Adam Liaw tweeted critics at Zonfrillo saying ‘Asian cuisines are full of fine dining. Kaiseki, Confucian cuisine, Thai/Vietnamese court cuisine, almost any regional cuisine in China, Peranakan food… It’s just that the Eurocentric conceptualisation of Michelin, World’s 50 Best etc. constantly ignores it.’


Ong ended up leaving the competition last night as the judges felt his Ga Kho Gung “lacked finesse” and the cooking of his quail was “less than perfect”.

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