We’re sure that everyone on Married At First Sight is looking for a meaningful relationship, but fans still love to speculate on who might be looking for more than a little romance. 

This time around, it turns out that many participants have had experience on both the big and small screen – including Amanda Micallef, Mikey Pembroke and even old mate Steve Burley.

One of the other participants who were caught out was Cathy Evans, who has had a rollercoaster relationship with her TV hubby Josh Pihlak.

After viewers did some digging through her Instagram account a few weeks ago, they discovered old photos of the 26-year-old at her university graduation. Interestingly enough, her degree happened to be in performing arts. Hmm!

While visiting her home country of New Zealand for media commitments for the show, Evans spoke to the New Zealand Herald about the rumours.

“What’s wrong with finishing your degree?” Evans joked.

“I am really proud of it, I can confirm I’m not an actor. I’ve changed careers many times since graduating.”


To be fair, there is nothing online that could make us believe she has been recently doing the rounds as an actor. It seems she’s just working as a logistics investigator and doing some vlogging on the side.

So, that clears that up then!