True fans already know this, but Friends celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.

And to celebrate the anniversary of the greatest sitcom to ever grace our small screens, we’re getting the most unexpected piece of merchandise ever.

Lego have released their own take on the iconic set piece Central Perk featuring all of our faves and heaps of cute little Easter eggs hidden throughout.

The set comes with all six of the Friends (whose likeness is questionable, let’s be fair), the Central Perk couch, little stage for Phoebe to perform Smelly Cat, studio light AND GUNTHER!

That’s right, Gunther, now you can play out your own eight season-long display of unrequited love in Lego form.

It really is the one piece of Friends memorabilia that we never knew we needed.

The set is available at Kmart now for $75, but we’re guessing they’re going to go fast.

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