We can barely contain our excitement right now!

Remember how it was rumoured a couple of weeks ago that hit Channel 7 show Packed to the Rafters could be getting a reboot? Well apparently there’s some truth to the gossip!

Hugh Sheridan, who is currently starring in Hair The Musical, but found his way into our hearts as Ben Rafter back in 2008, spoke with Kyle and Jackie O about the possibility of a reboot this morning.

Now he was quick to tell us that nothing has officially been signed off yet. BUT he has been speaking with the cast about it and they are actually all keen to make it happen!

“Is it true Packed to the Rafters might be getting a reboot?” Jackie asked Hugh this morning.

“Well, there’s definitely… the word’s going around,” Hugh said about the rumours.

“At this stage there’s nothing confirmed or anything but it is exciting and I hope that it does work out because it is a beautiful show and it will be like 10 years on I guess. It’s like a ‘where are they now?’.”


“Yeah, I’ve been talking to Bec,” Hugh added about star of the show, Rebecca Gibney. “We all want it to happen, if we can make it happen.”

A couple of weeks ago it was Confidential that reported that key cast members and producers were in talks to lock in contracts for the reboot.

According to the publication, Hugh and Rebecca, along with Ryan Corr, Erik Thomson, ,Jessica Marais and Michael Caton were all on board.

This NEEDS to happen! PLEASE Channel 7!

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