For fans of E Street, November 20th can now be considered Christmas Day with the release of the iconic Aussie soap on DVD.

The hugely successful TV drama aired in Australia from 1989 to 1993 and produced more than 400 episodes starring Tony Martin (AKA sexy Rev. Bob), Bruce Samazan, Marcus Graham, Alyssa-Jane Cook, Toni Pearen & Penny Cook.

Samazan on the cover of Dolly with Aussie model Alison Brahe. Ummm, ‘Top 50 Dolly Doctor Questions”? Essential reading.

Who could also forget Melissa Tkautz? Without E Street, would Read My Lips have ever existed? Let’s not dare entertain the thought.

The E Street DVD Collection 1 will feature the first 100 episodes on the 25-disc set.